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Right Approach Performance is about adapting a lifestyle that allows each individual to be part of something more than just a "gym". Every member is part of the RA Family will be part of our main core values:

  • RA is One Community

  • RA is One Mission

  • RA is Family

  • RA is Accountability

  • RA is Result Driven

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JAN. 14 - FEB 14TH

RA believes that building a team around each individual will help you reach your fitness goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle and live a life that you've always wanted!

What is PlyoFunction?

PlyoFunction is our own unique style of Functional Movement Classes that is only offered at Right Approach Performance. With the mixture of Plyometrics, and Core Functional Movements, this class will be sure to leave you feeling great, both inside and out.

What is Plyometerics?

Plyometrics is a form of intense movements that require a stretch and contraction of a certain muscle fiber. For example, jump training. This style of training focuses on producing POWER (Speed + Strength). Plyometrics promotes explosiveness within our bodies by giving them the ability to generate maximum force in a minimal time. No matter your physical fitness level, Plyometrics is a great source of exercise for everyone.

What is Functional Movement Training?

Functional Movement Training is one of our core principals that we teach and promote to all of our members and athletes. Our bodies are designed to move, and function in a certain way. As our bodies age, we tend to move less, which why is so many people have pain every day throughout their bodies. This is where functional movement training can help eliminate the pain, and help you feel the best you have ever felt. Functional Movement Training assess and corrects imbalances and asymmetries in our bodies which is why our bodies feel pain day in and day out. These basic movements are things we need and do every day, which include: Squatting, Jumping, Pushing, Pulling, Climbing, Lunging and Sprinting.

Is PlyoFuntion right for me?

The answer is YES, YES, YES! Our bodies were designed to get up and move. We aren’t supposed to live in pain, or be tired before lunch. All these things are improved or go away by what you do on a daily basis. Our science backed program will make you active, feel the best you’ve ever felt, and bring you back to the days of playing outside or in gym class as a kid!



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