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plyofunction + Speed

Class runs August 17th - October 2nd   

PlyoFunction is our trademark sports training program that is designed to increase distance and club head speed for golfers as well as bat speed and explosiveness for baseball & softball players.  RA believes in explosive power, which is generated through ground force reaction. One of the (3) major ground forces is vertical force. The vertical force component helps maximize velocity, which in return increases club head speed. 
We have also incorporated the Super Speed Training Element. Super Speed Golf is the #1 OverSpeed Golf Training System. 
8 Week Program -  Class is limited to the first 10 participants.
- 2 Workouts per Week
- Unlimited Simulator Time or batting cages for 2 Months
- Unlimited Gym & Speed Training Use
- Guaranteed Distance INCREASE!
Cost: $199.00 Non-Member
Cost: $99.00 Member
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