2 Man Sim League

Jan. 14 - Mar. 31st

League Play:

        -  12 Weeks beginning January 14th, 2019

        -   $100 Team Entry Fee – this entry fee will go towards                          season end prize pool

        -  $25 Weekly Fee per player - $5 will go towards weekly skins


      The format for the 2 Man Simulator League will be 1 Best Ball of       the Two Players. There will be two divisions, one gross and one       net (Handicap). Handicaps for each player will be determined           based on the first 4 weeks of league play. After week 4,                     handicaps will be adjusted weekly based on the players score           each week.


      There will be two divisions, one gross and one net. Depending           on where you place each week, teams will receive points for the       overall place each week. These points will be given for both               gross and net divisions. Teams cannot win both the gross and           net divisions at the end of the season.

1st Place – 15 Points

2nd Place – 14 Points

3rd Place – 13 Points

4th Place – 12 Points

And so on…

Begins january 14th



4501 Airport Drive, Unit 801

Valparaiso, IN. 46383



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