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May 9 - 10th ~ Sandy Pines Golf Club


May 23 - 24th ~ White Hawk Country CLub

Divisions & Yardages
             Boys 7 and Under ~ 1,500 Yards                   Girls 10 and Under ~ 1,800 Yards
             Boys 8 - 10 ~ 1,800 Yards                              Girls 11 - 13 ~ 4,800 Yards
             Boys 11-12 ~ 4,800 Yards                              Girls 14-18 ~ 5,500 Yards
             Boys 13-14 ~ 5,500 Yards
             Boys 15-18 ~ 6,500+ Yards
Event Details
Events will be limited to the first 12 participants per division. Boys 7 and Under, Boys 8-10 and Girls 10 and Under will play 9 holes each day, and the remaining divisions will play 18 holes.
Spring Events will consist of two (2) to three (3) Two Day events which will be played on weekends during the time frame of April 15th - June 1st.
Summer Events will consist of five (5) Two Day events which will be played throughout the week during the time frame of June 2nd - August 15th.
Fall Events will consist of two (2) or three (3) Two Day events which will be played on weekends during the time frame of August 16th - October 15th. 
Points Standings
Players will receive points for a top 10 finish at each event during each individual season (Spring, Summer, Fall). Players that finish in the top 3 of each season per division will be invited to the TWO (2) Day RA State Championship which will be held during the Summer Season. 
1st Place ~ 100 Points           6th Place ~ 30 Points
                 2nd Place ~ 75 Points            7th Place ~ 25 Points                
3rd Place ~ 50 Points            8th Place ~ 20 Points
4th Place ~ 40 Points            9th Place ~ 15 Points
5th Place ~ 35 Points          10th Place ~ 10 Points
The Inaugural RA State Championship will be held in the Summer of 2021. The qualifying season will begin in the Spring and run through the fall, with the State Championship being played the following Summer.
*For example - Qualifying in Spring, Summer & Fall of 2020, and the RA State Championship will be played Summer of 2021
Age Requirements & Birthdays
If a child has a birthday during the season that will age him/her out of the current division, then the child will begin the respectable season in the older division. For example if a child has a May 1st birthday and is currently 7 years old, he will begin the Spring Season with the Boys 8-10 division. 
Spring Season Age Cutoff Date: June 1st
Summer Season Cutoff Date: August 15th
Fall Season Cutoff Date: October 15th
Caddies & Spectators
Caddies will be permitted and encouraged for all divisions to help speed up the pace of play. Please be reminded that the player must make all final decisions and caddies must follow the USGA Rule 10.2 and 10.3 as it pertains to caddie involvement. 
Spectators are encouraged to attend all events, however Spectators must remain silent throughout the round. All spectators must keep an ample distance away from the players and remain on the cart paths away from the fairway and greens.
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