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Developing next

level athletes

through long term athletic development




FUNdamental Athlete

(Ages 4 - 6)

Our FUNdamental Athlete class is geared towards developing our youngsters in fundamental body movements and body awareness. This class is designed to coach our athletes in movement patterns such as Kicking, Striking, Throwing, Jumping, Running, Skipping & Balance! Our Performance Coaches will make the class FUN first, while teaching these young athletes some of the most important movements that they will need for the rest of thier lives!

Athlete FIRST

(Ages 7 -11)

Our Athlete FIRST class is designed just as the name says! We are building each individual as an Athlete First, no matter what sport they may play. Throughout Athletic Development, Athletes have peak development of certain skills like Speed, Power, Strength, Coordination, Balance & Explosion. Our Performance Coaches target these developmental milestones & train these specific skills at the appropriate time.

Explosive Athlete Training (EAT SOME!)

(Ages 12 - 18)

Our Explosive Athlete program is designed for athletes ages 12 - 18 years old that are looking to elevate their total athletic performance. During this 45 minute class, athletes will learn how their bodies are designed to move. Throughout the class, our athletes will focus on ground reaction forces and learn how to be explosive. Athletes will focus on Core, Strength, Plyometrics and Speed during these classes. 

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